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Our Leadership

USTRIDE Corporate Training and Image Consultancy offers a wide range of services and courses, both offline and online, designed to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. 

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Meet Ms. Elvina Pinto,
our esteemed Director & Head Coach.

Elvina Raylon Pinto is not just a name; she embodies expertise as a certified Professional Master Trainer (Rule the Room), NLP practitioner, Image and Style Consultant, boasting a rich experience of over 16 years in the training industry. Her passion lies in empowering individuals, helping them unearth their latent potential, and reach for their dreams. Her guiding principle is simple yet profound: "If you can dream it, you can do it!"
Elvina possesses a wide array of skills, especially in the digital arena. She is highly proficient on Udemy, a prestigious online learning platform, where she provides digital courses covering self-image enhancement, business education, personal branding, and corporate etiquette. Additionally, her expertise spans specialized domains, including train-the-trainer programs, soft skills development, accent neutralization, English language training and more.

Moreover, to expand the reach of her teachings and make a difference in as many lives as possible, Ustride has recently launched a dedicated YouTube channel. This channel aims to offer valuable learning experiences, touching the lives of a diverse audience and making a meaningful impact in their personal and professional journey.
In 2022, the vision and expertise of Elvina materialized into Ustride, a venture that burst onto the scene with remarkable vigor.

Since its inception, Ustride has achieved significant milestones and garnered widespread recognition.Elvina's training programs are not just about teaching; they are transformative experiences. She designs comprehensive training programs that encompass the 360° of change, focusing on personality development, grooming, etiquette, and education tailored to individual needs. Her ultimate goal is to empower clients by enhancing their personal and professional styles, boosting their confidence, and creating a lasting impact – what she aptly terms as "The Impact Of Change." For Elvina, change isn't just a process; it's a powerful catalyst for personal growth and success. She firmly believes in the importance of self-belief and embracing change, as these factors are pivotal in one's journey towards fulfillment and achievement. So dream big, set goals and make it happen.

Mr. Neeraj Goel
Marketing & PR Head

Embrace the advantage of partnering with a seasoned business consultant boasting over 18 years of unmatched expertise in Business Operations, Marketing, and Client Acquisitions. With a proven track record of successfully delivering over 30 projects, the commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Well for consistently attaining the highest levels of client satisfaction by offering enduring solutions through effective problem-solving, the entrepreneurial spirit is backed by a diverse background in industries such as construction, branding, HR, management consulting, and imports.

What sets him apart is the ability to swiftly establish and optimize businesses, emphasizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every step. With a decade-long background in training and coaching, the expert possess the unique capability to empower both business entities and educational institutions, ensuring they thrive and excel in their respective fields. Partnering with me guarantees not just expertise, but a dedicated commitment to your success.

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Ms. Kanika Chauhan 
Training Manager & Coach


Kanika Naveen Chauhan is a highly skilled training manager with expertise in various areas. She is a certified, style and image consultant and train the trainer with focus on soft skills, corporate skills, accent neutralisation, and English language proficiency. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is capable of designing and delivering effective training programs that cater to the specific needs of her clients.

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Shirly Tuteja
Soft skills trainer and Life Coach


Known for her vibrant and dynamic teaching style, she is an expert in English language and business english. As a certified trainer and life coach, she embarked on her career in voice and accent training during the initial phases of her training journey. With a diverse skill set, she has been instrumental in enhancing communication skills, soft skills, and empowering individuals with essential life skills. Committed to achieving both personal and professional goals, she firmly believes in working diligently and never settling for anything less than the best.

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